Made in Italia - Vittoria
Made in Italia - Vittoria
Made in Italia - Vittoria

Made in Italia - Vittoria

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"Made in Italy" is more than just a label, it is a symbol of passion and tradition. It is a symbol of craftsmanship passed down throughout generations, a symbol of dedication to create not just a "shoe" or a "handbag", but a piece of art. It is a symbol of an unwavering respect to your craft, using only the finest materials in your work. In a word, it is the symbol of quality

Made in Italia is not a brand, it is a project of dedication to everything that "Made in Italy" stands for. Comprised of a conglomerate of multiple artisans and distributors, Made in Italia was born out of the goal of creating luxury Italian fashion products of the same unsurpassed quality as the worlds top brands, without the extreme costs. How is this done? By going straight to the source. Time to go back to the roots, and rediscover everything that "Made in Italy" always meant to be.

Made in:Italy
Heel height cm:11
Details:pointed toe