The Aviatore - Bellitalia
The Aviatore - Bellitalia
The Aviatore - Bellitalia

The Aviatore

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"For the adventurer, the risk taker, the innovator. The Aviatore was designed to stand out with its bright stripes and bold design."

The Aviatore is a new take on a classic style, merging the timelessness of bold stripes with an Italian cut. The result is a shirt that is as sophisticated as it is tasteful, designed to a standard of casual elegance. This is further accented by the patterned trim running down the length of the inside buttons, a trademark of Giovanni Rosmini in his "Classic Fit" line. As with all other shirts by Giovanni Rosmini, the Aviatore is tailored with double side pleats along the back of the shirt which fit the natural contours of the body.



  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • Italian Fabric
  • All Natural Dyes
  • Fully Designed and Made in Italy